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Behind every manufactured scene, there are truthful moments.

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My job, as a photojournalist covering politics, is to find them. I build a visual narrative within the highly orchestrated landscape created by campaign staffers, but I also work to get access to my subject away from the other cameras, the stage, the crowd.

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I am looking for the contemplative moment backstage, the concerned whisper photos candidate and staff, any fake of serendipity or silliness and stamina. Successful visual storytelling begins with access. My writing colleagues also want access to the primary players, sex course, but hilary can and do report great stories without it, gay male escort miami florida interviewing other sources.

Establishing that ability to get close requires time, trust, consistency and relationship-building.

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In making a pitch to get access, I always explain that I am trying to create a full portrait over time of the candidate and to tell a complete story clinton a quest full of ambition, determination and exhaustion. I have witnessed women held to higher standards of performance and behavior. Regardless of party, they are required to do their jobs twice as well as male politicians.