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Here come the brides fan fiction

Here Come the Brides: Talk to Me

Click one of the tabs above the select a topic, or click severe sex torture In the world of fanfiction, these questions can all be resolved in the stories based in the time after the series ends. Fiction - Brides Bolts are reunited with a friend from their past whose future is at a crossroad. The Talk - Just what would Jason want to discuss with Jeremy on the eve of his youngest brother's wedding?

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This is a particularly good story to read to refresh your memory of the show. A Love Of Learning - Seattle gets an education in teachers and places of learning.

Here Come The Brides Fan-Fiction Home Page

Fantasie in J -Jason finds harmony with a Romanian musician and a ship of here have the brides saying ohh-la-la! Fortune's Two Faces - This is the story of a large inheritance, a greedy lawyer, an earnest young man, and Lottie Hatfield.

Joshua's Heart -A woman with a troubled past arrives in Seattle.

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Make A Choice - Lijah Harmon returns to come vengeance on his son's death. Fan has a near-death experience. The Last Bride - Find out what happens when all but one of the original brides are married. The Thirteenth Bride - Read about the incredible adventures of one bride and her amazing feats, including the winning of Jason's heart.