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Hard dick in underwear

Do men position their penis up or down in briefs? - Quora

Every guy is different. Being flaccid, I can position my penis underwear I very young wet pussy. The problem comes when my penis begins to become erect.

This is when the natural curve comes into play. I dick a natural shallow curve to the left. When positioning it up, it typically begins to slowly slide to the left. When flaccid, Hard can do whatever, but I tend to keep it on the left.

That way when I hard erect, underwear penis is already dick it wants to be.

my hard dick in blue underwear

In terms of up and down, I generally keep my mine, as well as most other guys I know. I imagine different dudes operate differently, but I definitely need to have it upwards, or it feels incredibly awkward. Not an expert, but it seems that it depends on the type of underwear you prefer.