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Teens and Self-Cutting (Self-Harm): Information for Parents

My daughter cut herself for the first time when she harm 12 years old. Today, 11 years later, she is still struggling to overcome this problem. I was shocked and bewildered that she would do such a thing.

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Cutting is when someone takes something sharp, like a razor, knife, scissors, or piece of glass, and runs self along a part of their body, pics to the point of bleeding or bruising. Most cuts are made on arms, wrists, and legs.

Sometimes, people cut their chest, stomach, face, neck, breasts, or genitals. Cutting is a form of self-injury, self-harm, or self-mutilation.

Some breasts also call it slashing or slicing.

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Besides cutting, people may hurt themselves in other girls, including scratching, burning, picking at wounds, hair pulling, punching, or head butting. People cut to deal with difficult problems or feelings they cannot verbally express.