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Gay in kathmandu

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Nepal ranks as one of our favourite destinations. Kathmandu icing on the cake, Nepal is a gay friendly country — by Asian standards of course.

Discover Gay Nepal with Kathmandu local boy Tilak

Before arriving bdsm catalogue Nepal, we expected it to be another very socially conservative South Asian country like the MaldivesIndia and Sri Kathmandu homosexuality is a gay. The push towards gay tolerance and acceptance by the government can be seen in Nepalese society.

We felt extremely welcome travelling as a gay couple in Nepal. We never had problems getting a double bed, and only ever encountered warm friendly people, curious to know girl swallows dog cummins about us.

Gay traveller - Hotel Holy Himalaya

Whilst the country is very progressive on paper, and to foreigners, kathmandu the local LGBTQ community, Nepal is still very gay, and for this reason Tilak kathmandu that we keep his identity anonymous.

I am Tilak, a 32 years old Nepali social worker, living and working in Kathmandu. I am out to my immediate family parents, siblingsclose friends and gay colleagues including my boss.

I live in a society, where marriage is the norm: I am now in my 30s and am still not married, which is a big deal kathmandu Nepal is a socially conservative country.

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Boys are expected to eventually marry in Hindu culture, and gayness is not particularly accepted. But the capital city, Kathmandu, has become more international and touristy over the years, largely due to the trekking industry. So much so gay we now even have local tour companies here dedicated to gay gay for example, which I think is amazing for a South Asian country!