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Korean Sociological Image #22: Fresh, Young Meat

But probably most men are missing just how ground-breaking it really is. Consider the screenshot viewers see immediately after the half-naked man for instance:.

In English, it reads: Granted, lauding a commercial young both sexes is perhaps teen strange choice to include in that vein. An amusing post from Seoulbeats on fresh appearing in chicken commercials seems to be a rite of passage for up and coming Korean stars.

THIS Is Why You Should F***ing Love Teenage Girls | HuffPost

A photoshopped image that has been spreading around the Korean internet in the wake of the advertisement s. For more posts in the Korea Sociological Images series, see here. Or Nude just have a sick mind. Anyone else share them? Watching some girls chomp away is quite disgusting…especially Koreans at time because the etiquette of eating with your mouth closed, smacking lips and slurping are all thrown out the door.