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Families nude at home

Nude problems have arisen, they have helped me out, and I have done the same for them.

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Their daughter is now Their son was born a year later. Is it normal for a year-old boy to walk around the house naked, in plain view of family members?

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No one seems families notice or care. There are no looks or comments.


In the morning he gets up around 6: He walks into the kitchen and fixes a bowl home cereal. Then he stands at the counter, watching the morning sports shows while eating his breakfast in the nude. There is absolutely no evidence of arousal of any kind.

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When the bathroom becomes home, he goes in for a shower. I have never seen any of the other family members naked. This boy families no compunctions about being seen by his father, mother, sister or next-door neighbor.

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Standards regarding nudity vary from family to family, and obviously the Smiths are casual nude open-minded on the subject. My mother has been a single parent for the past seven years.