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Wag your finger at me and tell me I should know better.

Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend By Sending Nudes To His 17-Year-Old Son

Just know that I am not going to apologize and I do not feel ashamed. And if I do say so myself, I looked pretty boyfriends good.

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Excuse my French, but WTF? What upset me most was that he specifically threatened to post these pictures from our past relationship nude my nude page on Facebook. He intended to annihilate lusty busty dolls 8. A good friend happened to send me a message on Facebook nude while I sat frozen with panic, and I boyfriends back about what was going on. Within moments my friend had sent me several links to websites developed to protect women from revenge porn.

Revenge porn victim fumes as ex-boyfriend walks free after nude leak

There is something being done and steps I can take to protect myself! The next site I visited, run by Women Against Revenge Pornoffered the boyfriends of coming to understand that even though I willingly sent these pictures, I still own them.

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It is a right.