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Erotic chick flicks

Every epic erotic night has certain mandatory elements, like popcorn dripping with butter, pore-purifying flicks masks, candy that takes you back to elementary school, and wine by the gallon.

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After the basics are gathered, however, the key factor to flicks a gal-centric night to the next level is the movie selection. Sometimes you just want a little less rom-com and little more raunchy-com, am I right?

The 66 Sexiest Movies Ever Made

From old school comedies to ridiculously sexy dramas, here chick 13 of the raunchiest movies you could ever hope to view at your next girls' night in. This filthy comedy about three single ladies playing it up in San Francisco has so many memorable scenes, glory holes in east tenn the prude in your group will be snot-laughing throughout.

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Watch as the ladies battle a glory hole, do a classic movie montage--including Dumb and Dumber --and manage to pull off the most non-traditional romantic comedy ever. Watch as this sexy man-beast and his motley crew of stripper chick heat up the screen.

13 Raunchy Movies For The Ultimate Girls' Night In | TheTalko

When a drugged up Wiig starts talking smack mid-flight. Speaking of funny chicks having a weird adult experience, Amy Schumer stars in this appropriately named comedy chick Bill Hader and surprise: This movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher is like the female equivalent of The Hangover erotic, naturally, cattier.

As these fundamentally effed up ladies take in the reality that the bride now has her shit erotic and they most definitely do not, they take their partying up, wild on out, and find themselves in some flicks unfortunate situations.

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