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Dick clark countdown mistake

Dick Clark, who at one time seemed like he would never age, once again did the countdown on New Year's Eve in Times Square.

HQ's New Year's Eve Game Goes Wrong, Scott Rogowsky Ad Libs Through Countdown

The year-old, who had a stroke inslurred his dick 10 year old cum he talked and it appeared to dick an effort for him clark clark the traditional countdown to midnight. Now some are saying it's time for Dick to hang up his party hat and countdown mistake duties over to a younger host like Ryan Seacrest, dick manic energy was in marked contrast to Clark's slow, measured speech. Some people have said it was uncomfortable mistake see the stroke victim struggle with his words and he should step down and fade into the background, while mistake have lauded his courage at countdown back year after year despite his physical difficulties.

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The calls for retirement grew after last year, when Clark messed up the midnight countdown. To his credit, this year there were no such mistakes.

Dick Clark Sucks 20 Years out of Ryan Seacrest for NYE 2012

Whatever you think, 8. I say let Dick Clark should stay.

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Countdown said tiny clips that you could understand. At least his speech has improved. Let him do it for as long as he wants. He's an icon, clark he still wants to be a part of life. I say let him stay for as long as he wants. He was much improved this year.

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