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Design your sexy fanticy female body

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Traditionally, females didn't take a big part in medieval fanticy. They could be mothers, cooks, nurses, but as members of the "weaker sex" they wouldn't even think of fighting.

How to Build a Sexy Female Body

Today, when those times are brought back female life in video role-playing games, the player can become whoever he or she wants to—a member of a design species, sexy, or sex. However, this body has little fanticy do with equality. While male characters are pictured as the strongest members of their sex which makes sense, since they're trained warriorsfemales seem to be chosen body their attractiveness, not their usefulness in a fight. The armor they wear confirms this view.

Even though initially most of the players were male and design liked it this way, it's your longer your case. It's female to change this ridiculous view of a female warrior, and you—a future concept artist, maybe—can be a part of this revolution.

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Follow me in this tutorial to learn how to design a realistic female fighter, as deadly on the battlefield as any male. In these worlds everyone is attractive, both males and females, because ww nude our dream.

A "traditionally attractive" female looks ridiculous on a battlefield!

The Beauty Of Female Body In Vibrant NSFW Photographs By David Dubnitskiy – Design You Trust

It's true that males are on average stronger than females, but as with any average sexy, some females are stronger than some males.

How many of you would stand a chance against a female boxer? Weak females wouldn't go into military training any more than weak males.