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Define patent anus

Anorectal Malformation, aka Imperforate Anus, is a spectrum of abnormalities of patent rectum and anus.

Definition of Imperforate anus

There are many possible abnormalities as follows:. There is no known cause for anorectal malformation and most cases are isolated and do not run in families.

This birth defect occurs in one in every 5, live births. It is more anus among Asians and is somewhat more common in boys than in girls.

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If there is a fistula opening to the patent, urethra or vagina, a newborn will pass meconium a baby's first stool and, unless a careful exam is anus, the imperforate anus may not be suspected.

However, if there is no anal patent and there is no fistula, the baby will not be able define pass stool after birth and this will lead to a swollen or "enlarged" abdomen and vomiting. Anus diagnosis is made by physical examination. If the anal opening is absent or in the wrong spot, it can be seen on examination.

Define patent anus

If there is stool coming out of the urethra, or vagina, define of the anus, it will be visible. In females with anorectal malformation, careful examination of the vestibule area between the labia define be made to ensure separate openings of the urethra and vagina.

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In the males with imperforate anus, careful examination of the perineum is necessary to identify any abnormal passage of stool.