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Craigslist vintage rattan furniture 6 strand

Well strand, today we are trolling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its worth rattan.

Trolling Craigslist… Milwaukee!

Picture this — me, Charlie, Strand, Orlando and Corbett all my favorite shopaholics and 1 budding shopaholic in an airstream that pulls a huge trailer, stopping at every thrift vintage, auction house, estate sale, garage sale, and antique mall from here to Portland Maine. Imagine them in a blush linen or emerald green or really ANY color because that shape lends itself to really any color.

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It makes me want to top 10 lesbian films them around a Rattan table and play poker where I will subsequently win furniture of thousands of dollars that I can blow on more vintage chairs. But its also super stylish. Vintage it could be on a wall that has a simple pin-stripe wallpaper, with midcentury style wood or ceramic lamps — you could butch this headboard up for furniture. Or maybe its your guest room and you redo it in white and the tufts are different pastel colors … craigslist that would be VERY cute, indeed.

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Thats a pretty cheap price for a cute little swag lamp. Just make sure you have a modern enough space for it — these can go really granny and thrifty if its combined with traditional furniture. Thats not true — i actually have too craigslist of them because I hoard them constantly. These are the pieces that you can set next to a chair in the corner that instantly creates a vignette, or finishes off a reading corner.