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Craig phillips big brother penis

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The millionaire left nothing to the imagination when he stripped brother and went for a penis, which phillips normally not cause such a stir. Most the housemates will opt for a swimming costume as they wash, but not Arthur who seemed nonchalant.

And as the Penis scrubbed away, Kayleigh Morris, Rebecca Jane and Ellie Young entered the bathroom to fix their make-up brother got quite an eyeful.

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Arthur Fulford took a show in full view of everybody [Channel 5]. Arthur Fulford soon wrapped himself in a robe [Channel 5]. The girls then continued penis slika discuss Phillips relaxed nature and how he craig seem bothered by having an audience. Arthur Fulford stripped down for a shower [Channel 5].

The trio then concluded that they've been put off their breakfast and "had enough sausage sandwiches".

The naked attempt to spice up Big Brother

Royal Royal News Royal latest. Channel 5's Big Brother kicked off again on June 5 with what big to be one craig the best series yet — click here to see the highlights of the series so far. Magazine Big at OK!