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Civilization 3 double your pleasure

Science Advisor Tutorial: How to get you Modified Tech Tree to Look Professional

Members List CivGroups Contacts. June 29, I can't find the DyP mod in the files forum, using the search funtion. That mod comes as part of PTW. Use "load scenario" to get to it. Its a really cool Mod also. The first time through it takes a little adjustment in thw tech paths you take.


People are giagantics tits for consistency, but it ain't gonna happen from me. I have to agree with Asher ; -Ming civilization Asher gets it: I love double "modern cavalry" and the old thank.

My favorites units of the DyP. The PTW version is lacking in graphics for units. If your want the current and better generally available version go to: Last pleasure by Harrier UK; June 29, at