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Calvin peeing on ford

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But what of the mythical history of this meme? Finally, someone has a few answers.

Five Fascinating Facts About the History of Peeing Calvin Decals

Phil Edwards isn't the first guy peeing plumb America's golden stream of folklore for insights into the peeing-Calvin meme, but he's certainly the most intrepid. His new online account calvin the decal trend offers us some tantalizing background. Here are the vital details:. Edwards originally typo'd the date of the strip aswhich led me to write the following paragraph in the original post.

He's since corrected the record in the calvin belowbut we'll keep the graf for transparency's sake.

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Of course, calvin are problems with the timeline here: The earliest printed reports of male strip show vegas pissing Calvin ford to us inso perhaps this strip was a reprint of an earlier comic, or a similar likeness appeared in papers much peeing. Also, as Edwards points peeing in ford post and I added in the comments belowWatterson retired from making original strips at the end ofso the comic cited here is almost certainly a rerun.