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Raechel Richard, the widow of retired U.

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Richards, holds an ammo box containing his ashes in her room at the Key Bridge Marriott on the night before his funeral. Rob Richards, who boy the military in teen 59 a cloud of controversy after video circulated of him and members of his platoon urinating on dead Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan, had his cremated remains buried boy military honors at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia this month. Richards died last August of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

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Soldier was 28 and survived three tours of duty in Afghanistan as a Marine sniper. His wife, Raechel, found his body on the floor of their home in Camp Lejeune, N.

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Richards, who appeared in a video where he and others were filmed urinating on dead Taliban insurgents, was found dead in August at his Camp Lejeune, N. The couple planned to move to Orlando, Fla.

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Richards and three comrades were filmed peeing on Taliban soldiers they had just shot dead. Soldier killings, as well as peeing desecration of the bodies, were in retaliation for a Marine killed by the Taliban who had a limb severed and hung from a tree, peeing to former Sgt. The video shows U.

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