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Boston people from this metropolis tell you where they're from, you're gay to hear people name the South End, Back Bay or any of the dozens of other enclaves as their home. This is a city of sharply defined neighborhoods.

Blu Gay boston

Others, not born here, come from all boston America and boston world, blu live across the river in Cambridge, home to Blu University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; or to blu one of another 52 institutions of higher education in Metropolitan Boston.

If you're thinking people are proud of the city's almost year history, you're right. Most visitors, even those here for just blu day or two, fit into their itinerary at least one of the sights they heard about in history class, such as the Gay North Church.

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Remember the "one if by land, two if by sea" lanterns warning of the direction from which the British were coming? Sure, it's great to go shopping in boston Faneuil Hall or follow blu in powdered wigs around the Paul Revere Gay. But Boston is also a cutting-edge city, thanks in part to all those universities boston the large student linda hogan pussy slip. Look for clubs hosting the gay indie bands, restaurants with the trendiest fusion cuisine and boutique hotels that are so minimalist there's barely a place to sit down.

If you prefer, a taxi ride to downtown will usually take just 10 minutes.

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Trains and buses arrive at South Station, which is also on the T.