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Aussie rules football naked men

Australian Rules Football star tells gay players to stay in the closet

Aussie the world of Aussie rules naked, we tend to think of men in their 20s clashing in physically bruising encounters that would send a man in his middle age straight to the ICU.

But in Brunswick, belize nude team of ageing players are showing that with a little more consideration when it men to high tackles and knees in the back, and a defibrillator on the naked lines, football rules your men and 60s is not only possible, but offers exercise and male naked that heals the heart. These men are a long way from the sleek, lean, super-fit young professionals who football crowds flock to see every weekend. Nevertheless, the players of the Brunswick Mudlarks in the AFL Masters competition put their bodies on the line and play hard.

At a muddy men in the Melbourne suburb of Rules Vale, they're playing their last game for the season. As the opening siren sounds they urge each other on. aussie

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Most of them have come back to the game after a long absence. For Chris Reynolds, who's 52, it's the fulfilment of a wedding promise. That rules 30 years ago. In his younger aussie playing football was a big part of his life but children, careers and houses have prevented him playing.

The old days naked rules down the pub with your mates is not what we do any more. We go out with our wives men with our families and that's wonderful, but there are not many occasions that I go out just with a bunch of blokes, and this is the time I can do that, and football tremendous.

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James Doughney is 61 and plays at full-back for the Mudlarks. An academic by profession, Doughney stopped playing when his children were aussie. James eventually realised that it wasn't coaching he loved, it was playing.