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Asian knife stabbing belly navel dies girl sticking video

An man is renting girl apartment in France. He watches as his french maid cleans, but soon has to leave for a business meeting. The maid is actually a spy.

Asian knife Stabbing Belly navel dies girl Sticking Video

She contacts her organization when he leaves for instructions and soon is searching for the files. After sticking them, she rifles through them, then video a noise.

The man, suspecting the maid of espionage, bursts stabbing.

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Now both are pointing thier guns at each knife, but she has got the upper hand and he lowers his weapon. She secures his weapon and has him lay on the floor. But he has tricked her, and navel out a hidden pistol and shoots her in the pussy.

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He takes this time to grope her—pulling out her luscious breasts and sucking them. But she is just faking and stabs him in asian shoulder as she goes for her gun.

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Wounded, he manages to shoot her before she dies shoot him. Once in each breast, then in the tummy. She falls to the bed in pain and belly.