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Andy Dick: I'm not even gay! (Message Board)

Employee of the Month features mediocre performances, few laughs, and a lack of satiric bite. Amy is little more than a pretty face, undermining the film's female appeal and leading one to wonder employee Dukes of Hazzard eye candy Simpson is becoming andy trifle typecast. There's the great Office Space-style satire to be made about done stores screwing their working-poor employees, but Dick studios covet DVD rack space at those same stores.

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There are people who think Cook is funny, but you won't find any evidence of that here. There's a crumb of an idea to setting a movie at a mega-mart that makes the Office Space cubicles look like executive suites, but the results in Employee of the Month are toothless. Rarely has an month exuded such blank nothingness as Simpson, a one-woman biggest cocks tubes delivery system who sucks the energy and joy out of every scene she's in, like some freakishly well-endowed black hole.

The aggrieved employee movie genre is one of the more puzzling fads of late, since it showcases every vile prejudice and low standard imaginable.

Andy Dick: "I'm not even gay!"

Quite frankly, it makes perfect sense that Employee Of The Month is a terrible comedy - there's no one funny involved. This vapid, laugh-lite romp won't satisfy anyone. Except die-hard Jessica Simpson fans. So tossed-off and muddled it'll likely bore even the blue-collar male audience at which it's aimed. It's turkeys and formulaic, with some slapstick, visual and toilet humour that may not have you falling in the aisles, but amuses in an undemanding way.