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Anal skin tags treatment

Anal skin tags, also called rectal skin tags, are growths of excess tissue on the outside of the rectum.

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They are extremely common and often mistaken as hemorrhoids. Anal skin tags completely harmless; however, they can cause discomfort, embarrassment or decreased confidence during sexual intimacy and skin issues.

How should anal skin tags be removed?

The most common cause is having treatment history of hemorrhoids or an anal fissure tear in the skin of the anus. Although the hemorrhoid or fissure resolves in time, in its place a skin tag forms. Both of these conditions are very common during or after pregnancy or in patients with chronic constipation. Another cause of anal skin tags is obesity.

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Anal Skin Tag Removal tags typically performed with local anesthesia and oral sedation. Benefits of local anesthesia include decrease risk of complications from general anesthesia, quicker recovery, and cost savings.

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Brenner utilizes the Ellman Surgitron, a unique instrument that has a cool tip, so thermal damage to the underlying tissue is able anal be minimized or even eliminated.