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Anal bleeding after running

Rectal bleeding after exercising (running)? - Exercise - Forums and Community

Patient Presentation A year-old female came to clinic for her health supervision visit. She was a after runner and denied any injuries since her last visit.

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She did complain of increased stooling that was more liquid in consistency. Occasionally she noticed a small amount of blood after long runs or anal in mileage, but never any clots or frank hematochezia. She did complain of some bloating and gas during training and races, but running gastroesophageal gagging on my dick. She ate a varied diet and took a multivitamin with iron.

Rectal Bleeding: Possible Causes

She denied changes in menstruation or more than pounds weight change. The past medical history was non-contributory. The family history showed a paternal great uncle with colon cancer bleeding his 80s.

The review of systems was negative. Abdominal examination was negative including a rectal examination. Stool hemoccult was negative.