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Adult fanfiction marik ishizu isis

Anime Names and isis English dub Background cannon: Re-edited and adult on my original account. This is rated M for adult themes.

yami ishizu

There is no real violence or anything sexual, but there is mention of some certain things happening so this is only M for extreme safety. I don't think this will be too long in chapter numbers. The sound was vibrating fanfiction him like a constant drum, echoing in his ears; throbbing his head.

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It was shaking his form with each beat, almost in a soothing way, that is; if his ishizu wasn't aching along with it. Every single throb was sending waves of pain through his skull. He let out a sound through parted lips and his own voice seemed foreign, like a stranger was there instead. He moved his right leg a marik and groaned licking his lips, tasting something odd in his mouth.

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