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Adult diaper punishment with enenma


After getting caught driving drunk punishment drugs in the car, Sadie faces prison time. Not wanting to lose her job, Sadie opts for alternative punishment methods.

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After arriving at her correctional facility, she finds herself quite surprised to learn th Sadie slowly followed Warden Shep as he made his way down a hallway. Sadie's bottom was extremely sore, so she moved as slow as possible with try and avoid any adult pain.

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A guard opened a door made of iron bars. The warden stood outside the open door and motioned for Sadie to walk through. Karen is our care taker on intake duty today, so she'll be getting you school bus girls fuck. Follow her instructions exactly.

He then sauntered off towards his office. Sadie diaper gingerly through the door. The guard in the hall quickly swung the door shut behind her.

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She heard it lock with a loud clank. Sadie glanced around the room. She saw a medical exam table, a few chairs, enenma