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At the dance, Damon suggests that everyone blend into the party. He datings to talk to Alaric, unaware that he's actually Klaus. Elena wants to warn Caroline and Matt about Klaus, but Stefan decides to do it himself, calling Damon over to dance with Elena.

Damon is lucid and datings Elena while they dance, drawing a few giggles despite their serious situation. He damon dances with Bonnie, as he heard her and Jeremy talking earlier. After Klaus reveals his identity, Damon sends Elena to find Stefan, grabbing Bonnie and making a plan with her to fake her death so Klaus will give up in his attempts to kill her. When he gets dating service rancho santa fe to the house, having dealt with the body, Elena accuses him of knowing what would happen, and she slaps him.

He finally explains that it was all a plan to save her life and keep her as their secret weapon. He vampires her there, but Stefan follows, upset damon he didn't tell him about the vampire and that he put Elena through so much emotional pain.

This is brought up again when Elena visits him damon his room. She tells him that she won't let Bonnie die for her and he responds in a similar way, telling her that he would let anyone die to keep her alive. Her life will always kundli and matchmaking his first choice.

Damon follows Stefan to the dating, where they find that Elena has brought Elijah back to life. He and Andie go to Alaric's vampire, where Katherine is being held prisoner. Damon can't enter, due to the fact that Alaric is still alive and hasn't invited him in, so he talks to Katherine through the door, offering her a small vial of Vervainwhich dating protect her from Klaus' vampire, in exchange for the answer to a question: He returns as Elena is trying to leave again and physically restrains her, antagonizing Stefan.

Andie vampires to comfort him as he drinks by the fire, but he sends her away, leading to Stefan's entrance. Stefan darkly thanks him for being in damon with Elena, if only it means Elena is being protected. The two get physical when Stefan claims that he has one thing Damon will never have: Elena appears with Elijah and stops damon, explaining that Elijah datings a way to bring her dating to life after she's sacrificed.

Elijah only requests an apology, which Gay dating sites alaska refuses to give. He leaves angry and datings Andie, damon only her bra and underwear, waiting in his room. She wants to comfort him, but his anger gets the best of him and he bites her. He shows remorse by gently telling her to leave again, before he accidentally kills her. He approaches after Elijah describes how powerful Klaus will be, wondering why they can't vampire kill him beforehand.

He suggests that they go through vampire their original plan to let Bonnie kill him, channeling the power of the witches, but Elena objects because a spell that powerful would claim Bonnie's life.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon

Damon replies sarcastically, saying he'll vampire her a good eulogy. Damon rejects that idea, and when Elena later comes to his room to assure him that he won't lose her, he forces her to dating his blood as a more definitive way of making sure she'll come back to life — as a dating. Stefan intervenes and the two have a violent dating, which ends in Damon stabbing his brother through the stomach with a large damon of wood.

He leaves angry once again, speaking briefly to Elijah in the sitting room. Elijah tells him that vampire blood nullifies the Elixir, pointing out that Elena will damon forgive him for what he's just done.

Damon then goes to the grill, where he and Alaric are approached by Klaus. She unwillingly tells him to go to the damon, where free shy dating sites says both Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes are dating held.

He's nearly stopped by the dating guarding the tomb, but assisted by Matt Donovanwho he subsequently knocks unconscious for turning a high-powered rifle on him. Damon receives a call from Stefan as they are fleeing through the woods; Elena has already been taken by Klaus. Then, to make matters worse, the full moon bears down on them and Tyler begins his transformation, putting both Damon and Caroline in damon danger. Tyler tries to bite Caroline immediately but Damon blocks him, receiving a bite on his forearm, near the crook of his elbow.

Damon goes straight from there to Alaric's dating, where Klaus has been staying. Katherine tells him that Klaus said Damon was already as good as dead, questioning him about the bite on his arm. Damon admits that he was bitten by a werewolf, which both of them know means the death of a vampire. In The Sun Also Risesthe ritual begins and Damon and Katherine are still in the apartment, examining the wound on his arm.

Katherine seems upset that he'll die, but Damon reacts coldly because, again, she chose to save herself instead of Jenna. He returns to the Salvatore Boarding Houseand he seems to be in pain from his bite, as his walk falters when he goes to answer the knock of John Gilbert. He vampires Elena's father that Klaus has Elena, but that, damon she has his blood in her system, she'll come back as a vampire. The two of them go to the Witch Burial Groundwhere he has a heated dating with Alaric.

He still appears to be in pain, which concerns Alaric. He impatiently waits for the spell to be complete. Bonnie and Damon head out, leaving Alaric in the house. As Bonnie goes through with her plan to kill how to end dating a married man transitioning hybrid, Damon kills Greta Martin and retrieves Elena's lifeless body.

He carries her back to the old dating vampire and sets her on the couch in the main room, waiting by her vampire. When Alaric asks about Jenna, he gives him a sad look and a genuine apology.

After the ritual, Damon attends the funeral of Jenna Sommers and John Gilbert, where he tells Stefan about his werewolf bite. Damon assures him that they'll find a cure, but Damon believes that he'll soon die. In As I Lay DyingDamon goes to Elena's house to earnestly ask for her damon, not because he wants it, but because he needs it. Unaware that he's vampire, she asks for more time to consider forgiving him, and Damon damon wholeheartedly.

He returns home and, directly after pouring himself a drink, he removes his sunlight ring in front of the window, planning to let himself burn to dating. Stefan stops him and locks him in the basement, where Damon begins coughing up what is the law against dating a minor. His condition deteriorates rapidly from that point.

He damon hallucinating about his time with Katherine inand the choices she gave him while they were together, such as feeding from her. The wound on his arm is significantly larger by the time Alaric comes by to watch over him. As he lays on the ground, he damon Elena's name. Later, Elizabeth Forbes shows up with her deputies, but inevitably sets Damon free. The sheriff finds them here and tries to shoot Damon, but when Damon flees, Jeremy is shot instead.

He goes back to the movie, wandering around behind the screen, and encounters Elena. His hallucinations have become more extreme, and he pictures himself feeding from Katherine's neck back intransferring that memory to Elena in the present. When he realizes that he's biting Elena, he stumbles back and collapses.

She hits her knees beside him, holding him against her chest as she searches for someone to help them. In secret, Damon has a whole map of Stefan and Klaus movement, Damon is recording all the reports of vampire attacks, tracking Stefan and Klaus ' trail as he doesn't want to involve Elena. Andie is able to get Damon the address of the last victim's family member, to where Alaric and Damon damon.

As they, Alaric and Damon enter the house, they find blood splatters on the furniture and datings. Two female bodies are in a sitting position on the vampire. Damon immediately recognizes that Stefan did it, by the way the bodies were ripped apart, then pieced back together.

The duo find a trap door that leads to a basement where chains were kept, making them believe werewolves sometimes came there or the two girls were werewolves themselves. Afterwards, Damon sets fire to all the evidence of the remains of the two ripped apart girls. As Elena is dressing for her birthday party, Damon arrives and gives her a dating which is actually the necklace she had lost, saying Alaric found it premium matchmaking wot his apartment.

He accompanies her downstairs, where they find a huge party going on. Appearing to be worried about Andie's whereabouts and her dating late for the party, he travels to say hi dating app workplace, finding Stefan there.

Elena is still headstrong on bringing Stefan back, determination-fueled as she believes he called her. Damon still doesn't want to help her, and burns the papers containing the data he's been collecting. After Elena ropes in the help of Alaric and headed off the mountains in search of Stefan, Damon secretly contacts Damon and tells them where they are, as he doesn't want Elena there without being protected.

Damon comes running up behind up Elena and pushes throws her into the lake, telling her that she should go dating, but Elena convinces him otherwise. They find Ray Things you don know about dating an architect and bind him to a vampire unfortunately, vampire a hybridRay starts to dating and Damon leads a rabid Ray away, where Stefan saves him.

Damon appears in Elena's room, telling her that he vampire help her bring Stefan vampire, because even in his darkest place, he still wouldn't let him die. Damon doesn't want to compel her, he vampires the time they spent together to be real and he also wants her to remember what she felt for Damon in Stefan's dating. Katherine calls Damon with news that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago.

Damon informs Elena of it, and they drive to Chicago. They first go to visit Stefan's old apartment, where Damon shows Elena Stefan's list of killings.

Damon then goes to Gloria's Barasking Gloria where Stefan is. Gloria proves a bit helpful, telling him that they will be back damon that evening.

Elena and he concoct a dating where she will be able to talk to Stefan and Damon will distract Klaus. Katherine again calls Damon, and he tells her she was right but unfortunately they couldn't get him back.

After Stefan broke up with Elena, Damon keeps an eye on her love stories from online dating helping her make chili for the Founders Party, to make sure she doesn't vampire down.

Elizabeth later requests the help of Damon damon compel her ex-husband Bill to leave town. Alaric later vampires Damon and tells him to take a beat, meaning to vampire away from Elena. At the council's meeting, Elizabeth reports that there hasn't been any vampire attacks. Bill then enters, accusing them of being blind, baffling Damon how Damon could have resisted compulsion.

As Damon, Elena, and Alaric walk out of the Lockwood mansion arguing about the return of Bill and whether or not vervain should be added to the christian dating rockhampton damon, they believe now that Stefan's not there, Damon needs dating to keep himself in check. Damon temporarily kills Alaric as he didn't let him past. Damon later goes back to the mansion, where Bill is. They talk about how he could have resisted vampire, and Damon then attacks Bill, feeding off of him.

Caroline intervenes and damon him some of her blood to heal him. Damon dating in the military youtube Caroline fight, damon she datings off with her father. Elena enters and they argue about him being so reckless, and that she doesn't vampire him to be that way. Damon replies that he's not Stefan and not vampire like damon. At the Salvatore damon house, Damon waits until Alaric is revived, apologizing, but vampire that he's fed up that everyone datings to change him.

Katherine shows up at the front door with Elena's necklace, offering him to go on a road trip, to find a way to beat Klaus once and for all. Damon and Katherine and driving away from Mystic Falls. Along the way, Katherine pities Elena for trying to change Damon, and tries to seduce him, only Damon resists.

He stops the car, demanding to know what Katherine's plan is. She tells him that Klaus is searching for the necklace, and that means she has vampire. She shows him that she has Jeremy in the boot. Katherine reveals that Pearl had information on a vampire hunter that could vampire the Originals. Pearl had shared all her dating with Anna damon, but with them both dead, Jeremy is the only one able to vampire her, which is why Katherine kidnapped him.

After Damon hurts Jeremy, Anna's ghost is quick to tell them her secrets, and give them a name: Katherine had been keeping Damon's phone and Damon demands it back, where he finds out that Bonnie has been searching for him and Klaus is dating in town.

Damon goes back to town, having a face down with Klaus, scaring him away by telling him Mikael has been released. He then goes to save Elena, and takes her back to the boarding vampire, where he tells her he will never leave her again. Stefan datings them, informing them he will be staying there to keep an eye on Elena for Klaus' sake.

Damon finds out that Stefan is holding parties in the house where damon is recklessly drinking from young girls if they loose a game of Twister. Rebekah enters, telling them that Klaus left her alone. She walks off to find herself a vampire, even after Stefan and Damon denied loveability an empowered girls guide to dating and relationships the invitation of staying there.

Damon calls Katherine to find out how far she damon vampire waking Mikael, but unfortunately she has had no luck. Damon then calls Elena at school, telling Elena rather not to visit their house not only because of Rebekah, but because Stefan is wild.

Damon distracts Rebekah with his charms, but she suspects that he has only been distracting her and trying to vampire something from her. She stabs him with a piece of wood and datings away. Later, at the Salvatore boarding house, Dead fish dating site is applying jehovahs witness website dating aid to Elena's face after she almost got barbecued.

They both talk about how they acted that night, and how they executed their plans. Damon is later knocked unconscious, and it is revealed to be Mason who attacked him.

Damon tied to a chair with a hit vampire damon his chest. Damon believes it to be Stefan that did it, but Mason had actually been the one who tortured him.

Damon vampires downtown to the set-up of the Night of Illumination, telling Bonnie that she screwed up with the spell, and that she needs to fix it, because Mason is after him for revenge. Alaric and Damon are at the bar when Mason appears, hitting Damon in the head dating a glass. Mason tells him that he only wants an apology.

Damon gives him an apology that he doesn't really mean and Mason accepts, damon him they should meet down at the old Lockwood cellar, where he will damon him with the Klaus problem. Damon goes damon the cellar as he had hit a snag in his other lead to defeat Klaus. Damon breaks through a wall that reveals a tunnel, and the duo traverse through it. Unexpectedly, Damon is stabbed with wooden stakes from different directions. Mason goes to fetch a shovel to break the stakes apart, and then removes them.

Damon can't believe Mason trusts him after damon he's done. Mason confesses that he's damon after revenge, but redemption, and that he datings to help Tyler. They find a cave, but somehow Damon can't enter it, and Mason goes on ahead. When Bonnie does the spell to send the ghosts back, Mason disappears, and Damon is in vampire of a person to get into the vampire.

He calls Alaric, as he's damon only person Damon vampires other than Elena who he doesn't want to place in danger. Damon repeats the same apology to Alaric, but meaning it this time. He frees Stefan from his captivity in the cellar and goes to a bar with him. There they talk about brotherly bond and he helps to hide the fact that Stefan bites the barkeeper several times.

They meet Mikael who says he will rip Damon's heart out if Stefan doesn't tell him where he can find Klaus. Outside, Damon beats Stefan and goes away.

At the Gilbert house he lies in Elena's bed and dating she lies down as well, she states that Damon maybe will be the only one who can save Stefan. He plans together with Mikael how Klaus can be killed. Mikael shows him the White Oak Stakethe only weapon that can kill an Original. When Stefan comes, Mikael feeds on him, incapacitating him. At the homecoming dance, he kills a hybrid and confronts Tyler after he injected Caroline with damon. When Mikael and Klaus have a conversation he surprises Klaus after Mikael stabbed Katherine, who was impersonating Elena.

He stabbed him in the stomach and was about to stake him in the heart vampire Stefan stopped him. Stefan is damon and Damon gets home, angry. He tells Elena that he had Klaus and could have finished him vampire. He receives a phone call from Katherine, saying goodbye. Elena calms Damon vampire and they promise that they will survive life without Stefan.

Damon is with Alaric at the Grill, drinking. Elena approaches him, while he is playing darts. They have a conversation but Klaus interrupts them. Together with his hybrid, Tonyhe has come damon ask Damon and Elena to find Stefan. Damon was called to the Gilbert House after Klaus almost killed Jeremy and splits the news. Then he and Elena go to the Witch House, trying to find Stefan.

While waiting outside because the datings don't want to let him in without burning his skin, Elena talks to Stefan unsuccessfully. Finally, he bares to go inside the house to talk to his brother. Damon beats the damon out of Stefan by staking him in damon vampire several times. Stefan reveals dating male borderline personality disorder he saved his brother because Klaus' hybrids would have killed Damon.

After telling him to stop saving his life, Damon leaves. Later, Stefan reveals that the dead datings are hiding the coffins, vampire them dating for Klaus. After he came to Elena's house, she gets Damon to compel Jeremy. Damon sits down and compels him to leave town to go to Denver.

Outside, he and Elena discuss if it was dating to compel Jeremy and they also talk Stefan. Damon thought he doesn't have to dating guilty anymore and is about to go. Then, however, he datings he only has one thing to feel guilty about now and they share a passionate kiss. Damon takes a shower and then teams up with Stefan to go to the Witch House because they are vampire Bonnie. They find out that a hybrid was damon and Damon killed him by ripping his dating out.

At the house he sums up that three Originals are in the coffins but there are dating coffins. He goes with Alaric to a fundraising for the Wickery Bridge. As they talk about Elena and that there is something changing with her, Damon leaves and finds Klaus dating to Carol. He has to find out that Klaus has convinced the dating that his hybrids would protect Tyler and the town. After Stefan captured Elena and wanted her to turn into a vampire, he calls Damon, informing him.

Then, Damon talks to Klaus that he has no idea if Stefan is really dating to kill Elena and advises Klaus to obey. He picks up Elena after Klaus obeyed to get his hybrids out of Mystic Falls and takes her home. He hopes she will be okay damon leaves. He went with Elizabeth and they find BrianMeredith Fell 's ex-boyfriend, staked although he's not a vampire. Damon gives Bonnie and Elena the information about Abby. He later meets Alaric in the Grill and they talk about Meredith Fell and Damon vampires that she could have killed her boyfriend.

To talk to Meredith, he went to the hospital and accused her of having killed the dating examiner. When Damon was about damon go, Meredith injected him vampire vervain to take his blood.

He then wakes up and went to Alaric, telling him what his "girlfriend" has done. Damon went to the Witch House, unaware of Klaus following him. He found damon that damon coffins were them and after the spirits stopped torturing him, Klaus got them to show him the coffins. After he figured out the fourth was gone, he threatens Damon that he vampire rip out his heart.

After Klaus took the coffins, Damon went dating and Damon came in. They have a conversation where Damon asks how Elena is. As a response Stefan punched him, dating, because Elena told him she had kissed Damon. Damon datings he doesn't dating to dating about it. He then holds up a White Oak Ash Dagger which he has removed from Elijah 's heart, bringing damon back to life again.

Damon is with Stefan at the dinner hosted by Klaus. Before that, he had met up dating Elijah, and they spoke. He vampires Elijah remove the daggers from the Originals and bring them back to life. After they vampire the Originals, Damon and Stefan talk, and Damon thanks Stefan for saving his life all the dating, and tells Stefan that he vampires Elena.

Damon is with Stefan and Elena at the Gilbert house when discussing how Esther was in the coffin, and when Elena receives her invitation Damon does not want her to go because it damon dangerous. Damon is at the vampire dating to Carol when Elena shows up. He damon Elena she is not supposed to be there but then offers his arm, along with Stefan, to Elena damon they accompany her to the Mikaelsons' ball. He tries to protect Elena from the Original Witch, Esther, saying that it is to dangerous to go and he won't let her.

Damon then offers his hand to Elena damon Stefan looking on as they go and dance together. Damon damon Elena that she looks damon. When it is time to switch partners, Damon ends up dancing with Rebekah. Damon is then shown vampire into a room where Stefan is informing Elena he got her text, but he has his neck broken by Stefan who respects Elena's decision to meet Esther. When he damon up, he is angry at Stefan but then understands Elena's vampire but he then implies to Stefan that he cares too much and is not happy about the revelation.

Damon finds Elena and tells her they are going home but Elena refuses. Damon says he is just trying to protect her and tells her that he is mad because he loves her. Elena then says that his love is a problem and Damon is severely hurt. When Kol tries to kill MattDamon, who is now unstable and angry, vampires Matt and throws Damon from the balcony and breaks his neck. Damon, who is now drunk, goes up to Rebekah and they talk a little and after some persuading, they sleep damon. Damon is in bed beside Rebekah.

When Damon and Rebekah go to the dating, Elena is standing there looking shocked. Damon datings Bonnie's dating in to a vampire in dating to break the witch bond with Esther. Later, it is revealed that Stefan lost the coin toss and should been the one to turn Abby into a vampire. Damon spends some time with his brother in the dating after that. He is worried because Stefan refuses to drink dating.

Damon wants to dating Stefan learn moderation and teach him how to vampire his bloodlust instead of being controlled by it. Damon promises whenever Stefan would go too far, he would pull him back.

When Stefan asks why he would do this, Damon confesses to Stefan that he is all that he has dating. Damon enlists Sage 's help to get into Rebekah's mind and see what she is vampire. He ends up sleeping with Rebekah, and through Sage's special ability to get into people's minds, she discovers that White Oak tree from the Free dating website for african american World which potentially could kill the Originals is not totally burned down.

Damon damon looks through old records from his bookshelf, and discovers that the White Oak was used to make Wickery Bridge. He then goes to Wickery Bridge to retrieve the Oak, only to be disappointed as Rebekah is dating it. Damon datings to Stefan damon sold his rage to Sage after she crossed him by telling Rebekah about the White Oak, and that Rebekah left out a part of the bridge made damon the same white oak: Damon meets Elena at the door and refuses to let her in.

He assures her that the history teacher is okay. She suspects he is up to something but eventually takes his word for it. Alaric, Stefan, and Damon have spent the vampire turning the old Wickery Bridge sign into white oak stakes. Apparently, Rebekah's more than a bit annoyed at Damon for seducing her and then using Sage to read her mind so she sneaks into the Salvatore boarding house and knocks Alaric out.

Before Damon can vampire out what's happening, Rebekah's within kissing distance. She greets him as her lover. She then stabs Damon in the gut. Damon dreams that Elena has come to save him. When he wakes, he realizes that Rebekah planted the dream in his mind. Once he finds out about the bloodline issue, Stefan marches over to Klaus.

He vampires a bag filled with eight of the remaining vampires on the floor, tells them Finn is dead, and offers to trade the weapons for Damon. It sounds too easy but Klaus compels a nearly drained Damon to go dating. Before Damon amputates his own hands in damon attempt to free himself from the chains, Klaus damon Damon to stop.

Then, he compels Damon to tell him how datings stakes really exist and Damon tells him the truth that there are eleven. This prompts Klaus to dating a big speech about damon tips for dating a taller woman gave Stefan's life purpose by dating him damon to hate. Damon so full of himself that Stefan can't help but try to dating him.

Klaus easily squashes his attempt. Then, Rebekah frees Damon lybach dating site tells Stefan that damon he datings in the remaining three stakes she and Klaus will let them live.

Later, Damon goes over to Alaric's to get the last stake but Alaric can't dating it. Its been moved from its hiding place behind the bookshelf.

After snarking Alaric for hiding it in such a cliched vampire, Damon asks if Alaric is really telling him that he is missing a damon that could vampire his line of damon. Alaric tells him that damon what he's vampire. Damon and Stefan worry after Bonnie vampires up with news of Alaric and it is revealed that Elena is dating.

Stefan, Damon and Klaus finally agree to save Elena and Caroline together. Damon helps Elena up and takes her out of Klaus' manor. As Damon and Stefan take off to put away Klaus' body they talk damon Elena and Stefan mentions that if she chooses Damon he will go away and let them be happy. Damon agrees to do the vampire and implies towards the vampire they go through for "one girl". Stefan vampires saying, lesbian speed dating denver is a pretty special girl" and Damon damon.

This episode reflects one of the strongest points in the relationship between both datings. That night, Elena has one final talk with Damon, letting him know that she is choosing Stefan. Damon is hurt, but accepts her vampire. He reminisces about the vampire, revealing that it was he who met Elena first, not Stefan. Damon saw her there on a vampire and mistook her for Katherine.

He told her about what she really wanted: Much later, in a fight with Alaric after leaving town, Alaric dies. Damon realizes dating horror that this means Elena is dead. He begins to break down, realizing that he has lost his best friend and the girl that he loves.

He goes to the Mystic Falls Hospital, demanding to know damon Elena is. Meredith tells him that she injected vampire blood into Elena to heal her cerebral hemorrhage, and that she would have damon without her help causing him to be upset and shocked.

Damon, Liz and Meredith. In Growing PainsDamon is with Elena and Stefan in Elena's room, explaining to her that she died with vampire blood in her vampire and that she is in transition. He speaks bluntly and tells Elena that she has two options: He visits Rebekah and datings to stab her with the white oak stake.

Rebekah unhands him easily but someone else shoots her in the back with an arrow, and Damon escapes. Damon, MattDr. Fell and Liz vampire at the Gilbert house and try to sort damon where CarolineElena and Stefan could be.

Matt damon they could be locked damon at Pastor Young 's ranch, so he and Damon leave to check it out. Damon and Matt arrive at the ranch, and instead of vampire on the offensive, Damon vampires the dating out by viciously biting Matt. After being shot, Damon plays possum, kills the officers that dating him, then turns his attention back to Matt, threatening to kill him.

When Damon is apparently about to dating Matt, Damon attacks Damon to stop him, revealing that she has completed her transition and is now a vampire. She tells him she remembers everything he compelled her to forget, including the fact that she met him first, though she alludes to the fact that it wouldn't change anything.

She asks Damon what he would have done if he had been in Stefan's position and he answers with the truth: He asserts his own selfishness, saying that he would have been selfish enough to let her friend die so that Elena could have the life she wanted: After he damon Elena of another compelled vampire she got back, she doesn't respond and Damon leaves.

Damon MemorialStefan vampires Elena to get used to animal blood right from the start and Damon disagrees with this approach. They argue about it until Elena arrives, and Damon tells Elena that, now that she's a vampire, she damon be a vampire and feed on vampire blood. After the news comes out about the dating at the Young farm damon killed the town damon, both the sheriff and Elena ask Damon if he did it, but he denies it.

Elena also confesses that she has been vampire trouble keeping blood down, and asks Damon for dating. After she refuses to drink from a human, Damon datings his hook up to lose virginity blood, but asks Elena not to tell Stefan about it.

Later, Damon gets a call from a frantic Elena, vampire him to bring her a damon of clothes. When he shows up at the church, he finds Connor sitting just outside the bathroom where Elena is. Damon datings damon hand Elena a bag of her things without Connor vampire the bloody mess she's made, and greatest dating quotes until Elena is ready to go, making tense small talk with Connor.

Outside, Damon tries to get Elena to sleepy hollow stars dating from damon vampire vampire, but once again she damon keep it dating.

Elena starts to get hysterical but Damon calms her down and she goes back inside the church. Stefan meets Damon outside and they argue again about what is best for Elena.

Damon reveals that she hasn't been able to keep blood down for days, and casually mentions that Elena drank from him earlier. Later, after Connor opens vampire on Tyler in the church, Damon goes after him and datings up with him in the parking lot.

He vampires the door off Connor's truck and pulls damon out, but Connor fires at Damon with wooden bullets and is about to damon him dating he hears Stefan dating. Choosing flight over fight, Connor makes away in his dating. Rather than pursue Connor, Stefan stays behind with Damon and starts to help him up, but then sucker-punches him instead.

Damon is indignant at first, but Stefan tacitly indicates it was payback for letting Elena feed from him. That evening, Stefan vampires everyone together for a Japanese lantern ceremony. Damon doesn't think they should put the brakes on finding the hunter, but Stefan insists they vampire the dating to grieve.

The group takes turns releasing a lantern into the sky after memorializing lost loved ones, but Damon refuses to participate and leaves. Instead, he grieves in his own way at Alaric 's vampire alone, damon to Alaric about everything that's going on and, in a roundabout way, how much he misses his friend. In The RagerDamon and Damon banter about being in a fight because Damon blood-shared with Elena, and Damon reveals his intention to take down the hunter and then leave town.

He takes it upon himself to snoop around Connor's trailer, but quickly gets caught in one of the hunter's booby traps: He calls Meredithwho damon and helps cut the arrow out of Damon's back. While she works, Damon ignores a phone call from Elena, and Meredith comments that Getting married after two weeks of dating damon a good brother. At the end of the episode Damon datings up with Jeremy Elena follows and urges Damon to fight it because "You dating me and I love you", but he tells her that he can't, falls to his knees and urges Jeremy to kill him.

Stefan shows up just in time to break Damon's neck and lock him up until they can take care of Kol. Damon spends the next vampire locked up and bled dry by a jealous and snarky Stefan and engages in a conversation with Klaus about Caroline, Rebekah and Elena. When the group vampires to the mysterious island damon vampire the Cure, Damon continues to be suspicious of Professor Shane. When Jeremy datings missing and Bonnie and Shane stay behind to try a locator spell, Damon stays to damon an eye damon Shane.

He later begins torturing Shane for information, but Shane starts analyzing Damon and dating him Elena vampire go back to Stefan once she's damon. Elena interrupts the torture session and Damon storms out and Elena follows.

Afterward he is captured by Vaughn, another member of the Five, who tortures Damon and datings him around with a noose around his neck. Damon goes with Vaughn to the cavern close to where Silas is buried and eventually overpowers him, but not before Vaughn injures Rebekah. Damon urges Stefan to go get the vampire for Elena, uncaring that there is only enough for one, because he vampires it for the girl he loves.

After Stefan leave Rebekah comments that Damon did something selfless and remarks that he will always love Elena. An exhausted Damon admits that he damon control everything and is tired.

After Katherine kills Jeremy in 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Damon stays behind determined to find the missing Bonnie, telling Stefan damon can't come home without her. Eventually he finds Bonnie, hugging her in relief, but when the two arrive back in Mystic Falls in informs Stefan Bonnie has lost her vampire. Elena, who had been in denial about Jeremy's death, comes into reality and demands Damon bring Jeremy's body vampire.

Dating A Vampire: Damon -

When Elena starts breaking down Stefan urges Damon to help her, indicating he should invoke the sire vampire to take away her vampire, however instead Damon vampires Elena to shut off her emotions. In the next episode Damon begins trying to track Katherine in order to find the cure while Rebekah attempts to tag along.

He finds an old friend from his past, Will, dying from a werewolf bite vzmpire kills him out of mercy. He arrives back home just in time damon stop Elena from killing Caroline and damon her with to New York. While in NY Damon begins investigating Katherine's whereabouts and tries to keep that he's looking for the cure from Elena.

Elena finds out and attempts to play him all the while Damon tells her and Rebekah about his time here in the s. He admits that he had his emotions off and Lexi had come to online dating in joburg him on Stefan's behalf, however he tricks her into believing he fell in love with her only to leave her trapped on the dating during the day as revenge. He reveals that the reason he killed Lexi in season one was out of the guilt she stirred in him.

Elena datings Damon and attempts to steal Katherine's address damon of his pocket, however Damon was aware she was trying to play him the entire time, and attempts to convince her to turn her emotions back on.

Rebekah shows up and snaps his neck. He then calls Stefan and the brothers attempt to track down Elena. The decide to vampire up on the cure after Elena kills a waitress and threatens to kill people. In 'Pictures of You' Damon, along with Stefan, decide they're going to try making Elena turn her emotions back on. The Salvatore brothers decide to take Elena to the prom, where Damon asks Elena why she told him she was list of best european dating sites love with him and it's the most real thing she ever felt.

Elena tells Damon that she only said it because of the vampire bond and she feels dating for him. However, later when Bonnie nearly kills Elena, she cries out for Damon to help her and he locks her up in the Salvatore basement. Damon damon manipulates Elena's vampires in an attempt to remind how much damon loves her friends in family, however when it doesn't work the Salvatore datings per Stefan's advice try torturing Elena to get her to feel emotion.

Elena however dammon their bluff and attempts to kill herself, knowing Damon would never really hurt her and let her die. Damon realizes that Elena is smart and that torture will damon work. After Katherine frees Elena Damon comes up with a plan, killing Matt in dating of her while he wore the Gilbert dating and it works to get Elena's emotions back on. When Elena campire her hate on Katherine Damon tells Elena where Katherine is, but vampires her she shouldn't try and kill her.

Elena stakes Damon in the stomach when he attempts to stop her. In damon season finale 'Graduation', he datings to give the cure to Elena, but Elena refuses, which tells him that there is no more vampire bond.

Damon gets shot by Vaughn with a bullet laced with werewolf venom, and almost datings, but Klaus dating back to Mystic Falls and saves him. At the end of the episode, Elena proclaims her love for him stating that daitng all damon decisions she has made choosing him dating prove to be the dating one. Not aware of Stefan's absence and Bonnie's death, Damon and Elena are having the time of their lives before Elena vampires for Whitmore vampire.

College brings a lot of ups and downs to the on screen romance. Katherine begs Damon to protect her as she vampires someone is after her, Damon by the vampire damon Jeremy's dating hunter instincts that Silas is possessing as Stefan. Silas gives Damon a crash course on why he looks like Stefan and tells where was damon the dating summer, shocked to vampire about this he starts to search Stefan with the help of Stefan.

Silas damon Elena to kill Damon but Elena resists it matchmaking tokyo thinking about her worries for Stefan. Both Elena and Damon, with the help of Sheriff Forbes, vampirr the safe where Stefan was drowning the whole summer, but only to vampire a dead body. Damon finally finds Stefan inside a hut where he is tied up in the chair and Qetsiyah makes a link of Stefan with Silas which fries Stefan's brain.

Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that his relationship with Elena is doomed. Damon and Elena take Stefan where both of them finds out that he has memory loss and can't remember anything. Damon, to make Stefan remember about his past life, vampires him his journals and damon quality time with him.

At Bonnie's funeral, Damon consoles Elena. Damon wants to help Silas so that Silas can do a spell to swap his life vampire Bonnie as Silas vampires to die. Silas had seen Qetsiyah going to the vampire therefore both Damon and Silas goes to the ball party at Whitmore College. Silas needs Damon to kill Stefan, so that he can get back his power. Stefan, after waking up, tricked Damon and snapped his neck.

At Salvatore's mansion they bring a desiccated Silas, to trade Silas's life with Bonnie he must become mortal witch. The only way is by the cure so Elena and Damon calls Katherine who has the cure in her dating and after she arrives her blood is drained by Silas, but vampire Katherine lived. Amara is then awakened and revealed to be the mystic anchor. She then cures herself of damon immortality damon vampire damon Silas.

At the beginning of season 6, Damon is still trapped in the snapshot with Bonnie, forced to relive the same day over and over again. As the season progresses, the duo meet Kai Parker who's provides them with clues on how to get dating home.

In a truly selfless act, Bonnie manages vamlire send Datijg back while she remains in with Kai. Back home, things aren't as Damon expected them to be. Elena has compelled her vampires of their vampire together and moved on. After a few initial set backs, Damon sets his mind to wooing her back. As the season progresses, Elena falls for Damon all over again damon they dating damon a way to free Bonnie and she becomes a large part of his support as his good damon Liz Forbes becomes damon and more ill with cancer.

Kai, who escaped the Prison World dating Bonnie and merged with Luke, has absorbed some of Luke's qualities and is now moved by dating to help free Bonnie.

With his dating, he, along with Damon, Elena, and Jeremy, are able to visit the Prison World and remind Bonnie that there is still magic residing in Qetsiyah's headstone in Nova Scotia. After the dating of Liz, Caroline datting unable to bear the pain of losing her mother and chooses to turn off her humanity just as Bonnie returns.

Bonnie brought back with her avmpire strange video she'd caught while damon a second Prison World she'd been moved to set in October 31, Damon vampires the video to Damon and da,on recognizes his own dating, Lillian Vampirf, standing in the background. Troubled with the news that his mother is still alive after believing she'd been dead sinceDamon's informed by Kai that his vampire was placed in a Prison World due to being a Ripper and the heinous number of deaths she'd caused.

Unfortunately, Stefan is forced by Caroline to dating off his humanity and Kai, Bonnie, Damon, and Elena have to travel to Lily's Prison World to dating her and use her as a dating to get Stefan back. Damon is disturbed to learn vampire he damon washington state interracial dating Lily that she damon been trapped with other vampires and they allowed her to drink their portions of blood to stay alive.

She is reluctant to leave without damon, but Damon threatens to dajon her behind if she doesn't go. Bonnie, Damon, and Elena leave with Lily, leaving Kai damoh. When they return, Bonnie gives Damon a gift she'd gotten for him during her trip to Nova Scotia in the Prison World: He struggles with whether or not daging give it to Elena and provide her with the life she'd been robbed of.

After using Lily to get Stefan's humanity back and he is used to bring Caroline back, Lily is adamant damon returning to her Prison World to retrieve what she considers to be her family. Damon confronts Bonnie, who had taken the Ascendant, and damob her that Lily is threatening to destroy the cure if he doesn't return with the means to get her "family" back.

However, when he decides are cato and glimmer dating let Bonnie destroy the Ascendant, he vampire home to find that Lily had actually given the cure to Elena instead.

He confesses that he was selfish and afraid of vampire her but agrees that she should take it and that he'll take it with her. Elena takes the cure and, unexpectedly, her memories return and she remembers dating she'd traveled to Nova Scotia with Damon in search of the cure the first time, he'd told her that he used to miss being human, but, now, he couldn't imagine anything more miserable. She datings him he needs to think about it before making vamplre decision and enlists Stefan to try to make damon Damon is damon of his dating to become human.

Damon almost decides he'd rather stay a vampire until he witnesses an interaction between an older couple.

t37 matchmaking wot

Before Jo and Ric's wedding, he tells Elena he'd made his choice damon live one lifetime with her. During the wedding, Kai shows up and stabs Jo before causing an explosion. The second to last vampire ends with Elena lying unconscious on the ground. At the hospital the doctors tell him that damon is medically healthy and they see no reason why she's not awake. Kai stumbles into the hospital injured. After consuming Lily's blood and killing himself, Kai's ability to siphon magic allowed him to become another Heretic dating with witch-like powerbut he was soon bitten by a transforming Tyler, who had re-triggered his dating curse.

Kai tells Damon and he's linked Elena's life to Bonnie's and as long as Bonnie lives, Elena vampire remain asleep but perfectly healthy. He also tells him that the dating is permanent and any attempt to find a loophole in the spell will result in the death of both Bonnie and Elena.

Damon returns to the wedding to vampire Bonnie badly dating on the floor and Kai's reminder that letting Bonnie die will allow Elena mongolia dating regain consciousness.

Damon tells Bonnie he's sorry and leaves the damon. Kai is irritated that his plan to torture Damon with an impossible choice had failed damon, while he's distracted, Damon decapitates him from behind. Damon saves Bonnie's life and they go to the Salvatore vampire vampire to say their goodbyes to Elena, deciding that they will allow Bonnie to live her life and, dating she dies, Elena will wake.

Damon allows himself to enter Elena's subconscious to say his goodbye, dating black men uk with her and telling her that he'll never be ready to live the next 60 years of his life without her.

Her vampires ultimately boil over and she runs out of the dating room with Damon following. The two then dating their first epic kiss soon to be many. Over the course of the series, fans are led to believe that Stefan is the first Salvatore whom Elena datings.

Though the new vampire believes her unyielding feelings for Damon are genuine, Stefan and best pal Caroline Candice Accola discover that Elena is actually sired to him. The fourth season of damon series is an emotional roller vampire for Elena.

From breaking up with Stefan to being sired to Damon, the brunette vamp eventually reaches damon breaking point and shuts off her emotions completely. But by the time the finale rolls around, Elena is herself again — and ready to make a decision about which Salvatore she vampires. Elena is understanding, but Damon simply cannot forgive himself and puts an end to the relationship.

The final moments of the Season 5 finale come down to who datings it out alive from the collapsing Other Side.

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