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2 pac i dont give a fuck

In the song, he narrates how the black community in the United States face harassment by racists, including police.

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In the intro, Tupac receives phone calls from one of his friends about the police beating them for no apparent reason and various crimes that are directed at them, after which he starts to rap.

The theme of give song is strongly anti-racist and anti-police, and the lyrics tell about racism, such as store owners following him in the store, and crime in the ghetto.

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This was one of the songs that a youth in Texas blamed for his shooting of a state trooper, as outro of the song, Tupac questions the authority for not dealing with these issues and he curses out the CIAthe FBIand then president George H.

Bush in the spoken-word outre nude photos of prostitutes "I Don't Give a Fuck".

They Don't Give A Fuck About Us

The song appeared in the video game Grand Fuck Auto: San Andreas in the radio station Radio Los Santos. Tupac mentioned the pac used for this song later as a major turning-point line in his big screen debut Juice dont in an verbal altercation with "Q" Omar Epps in their school hallway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Breathe Carolina song, see Hello Fascination.

I Don't Give A Fuck

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West Coast hip hop political rap gangsta rap.